Smoke Shops and Head Shops in Bronx NYC, Westchester County, NY and Rockland County New York

Romantic smoke shop or head shop is a retail outlets in New York specializing in paraphernalia used for consumption of tobacco a Products may include magazines (Romantic Smoke shop Some also sell oddities, such as antique walking sticks and sex toys. Since the 2001, we have sold clothing related to the heavy metal or punk subculture, such as band T-shirts and cloth patches with band logos, studded wristbands, bullet belts and leather boots. Head shops emerged from the hippie counterculture in the late 1960s, and many of them had close ties to the anti-Vietnam War movement as well as groups in the marijuana legalization movement like LeMar, Amorphia, and the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.[1]

Products offered at Romantic smoke shop include hashish pipes, “one hitter” pipes; pipe screens; bongs (also referred to as water pipes[2]); roach clips (used for smoking the end of a marijuana “joint”); vaporizers used for inhaling THC vapour from tobacco; rolling papers; rolling machines; small weighing scales; small ziplock baggies; cannabis grinders; blacklight-responsive posters and blacklights; incense; cigarette lighters; “stashes”, which include a range of standard consumer products such as clocks, books, tins of cleaning powder and toilet brushes which have hidden compartments for cannabis and non-camouflaged “stash boxes” which are tins or wooden containers for storing tobacco; and legal highs such as whipped-cream chargers (which contain nitrous oxide) and Salvia divinorum Romantic Smoke shopsand head shops also sell e-cigarettes and the flavored liquids used with these devices.


Romantic Smoke Shop Bronx, NYC
3705 Provost Avenue
Bronx NY 10466
Open 10am-12am Everyday
*From West Bronx & Upper Manhattan
(only 10 minutes)
(Riverdale, Marble Hill, Kingsbridge, Inwood, Washington Heights, South Yonkers)
Simply Continue straight on E 233rd St. for a couple of miles.
Turn right onto Provost Ave, we are the first building on Right.

Romantic Smoke Shop Elmsford, Westchester County NY
6 Frontage Street
Elmsford, NY 10523
Open 10am-12am Everyday

Romantic Smoke Shop Rockland County, New York
303 Route 59 East
West Nyack, NY 10994
Open 10am-12am Everyday

Romantic Depot Paramus
Address: 197 New Jersey 17, Paramus, NJ 07652
Phone: (201) 261-0755
Hours: Monday – Saturday 9AM – 11PM
Located on Route 17 Southbound easily accessible from the Garden State Parkway Exit 163 and Route 4 East or West.

Romantic Depot Lodi
Address: 100 NJ – 17, Lodi, NJ 07644
Phone: (201) 820 – 1775
Hours: Monday – Saturday 10am – 12:00am
Sunday 11AM – 11PM

*The paraphernalia we sell is intended for tobacco use only.

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  1. If you are looking for a smoke shop or head shop in the Bronx, Westchester County or Rockland County look no further than Romantic Smoke hop they are open late night until midnight everyday and the prices are insane. I got flavored watermelon hookah tobacco for $4 ! who can beat these prices?

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    Smoke Shops and Head Shops in Bronx NYC, Westchester County, NY and Rockland County New York – Smoke Shop Bronx

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